Harness The Power Within

The purpose of this book is to lay out the different principles that enable you to realize your inner strength and inspire you to live a happy and a fulfilled life.

Too many people live unfulfilled lives. Some people don’t have good health while others are struggling to make their both ends meet. Some people are waiting to meet someone special, while others are trying to save their marriage. Some are working hard to get a job while others are not satisfied with their jobs. Some people don’t have any self-confidence in them while some live under the shadows of their past.

You can overcome any obstacle in life by unlocking the powers contained within you. You can fulfill your destiny when you have complete faith in God, trust God’s timing, think positive, focus your mind, speak positive words, chant powerful sounds, meditate on the Lord, and believe in your spiritual Guru.

This book contains nine chapters. The first chapter is titled “Faith” because faith can help you to overcome all obstacles, and because God knows your destiny.

“Healing” is the second chapter that encourages you to believe in God’s healing powers, and to pursue your dreams. Whatever happens, happens with His will.

The third chapter titled “Patience” motivates you to trust God’s timing and to live in peace and contentment.

“Compassion” reminds you that God is everywhere and in all beings. It encourages one to live life with honesty, integrity, love, and compassion towards others.

The fifth chapter titled “Thoughts” focuses on the importance of having positive thoughts. Thoughts define our character and influence our destiny. Meditation helps to focus the mind. You can achieve whatever you can think.

“Words” encourages you to speak positive words every day to harness the power of sound vibrations.

“Sounds or Mantras” is the seventh chapter that introduces the power of specific sounds and mantras. Anyone can learn to recite them or listen to them.

The eighth chapter “Self Realization” emphasizes the need and the qualifications required to control the mind, and attain divine consciousness. This is the main goal of the human life.

The last chapter “Guru” encourages you to believe in your spiritual teacher or Guru and understand the nine forms of devotion to the Supreme Lord.

I have written this book with the sole purpose to benefit you.

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